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Reno River Festival


This past weekend we had fun gambling, kayaking, and experiencing city life during the Reno River Festival.  The rest of Demshitz have been on official summer tour for awhile, but it was my first stop and I was stoked to get back in my Molan and Burn!


Hannah Kertesz our only 1st place finisher for the weekend!!  She won the Junior Freestyle Competition.

This year David Fusilli, Craig Kleckner, Johnny Meyers, and myself will be traveling around in the Pyranha van.  At the moment, Johnny is up in Canada representing at the Grand Prix so I can’t give you insight on his pre-competition routine.  But, here is how the rest of us prepare for rodeo competitions.


I like to do gratuitous amounts of face splashing before dancing to radio Top 10 Pop Music.


Dave likes to lay back and take er easy, while Craig sits and smiles pretty in case any TV or newspaper media personal are present documenting him.


Doing some loops while listening to Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” ….  this Friday night we’ll do it all again!!


So, the competition was held at a hole, which granted was a much deeper hole than Reno Festivals in the past, but, regardless did not warrant Craig’s full-on air screws.  These ninja skills landed Craig a spot in finals and a 5th place finish overall.


Dave throwing down after accidentally grabbing a snake on the bank…. He says, “It was terrifying”


Brown loop… because regular loops won’t get you into semi-finals.


With the high water this year coming through the Reno River Park, the race coordinator added an upstream gate to keep everything interesting.   Gate 4 certainly provided some spectator excitement.  I think Tyler Muntz is squirting someone in the face while Dave is paddling back through the gate against mayhem traffic.


Hannah and myself getting ready to race.  Here Hannah’s paddling past the competition during one of her heats.


Looks like Tyler Muntz is running someone over again!  Nice work.  I have no idea who’s winning or losing here.  But, they all have to paddle upstream through that gate at some point.


Dave roosting past the competition for a 2nd place finish!


Why like this??  No, seriously, why like this?  WHY WHY WHY is it snowing in Reno right now?  The festival is over and we want to go creeking in Cali.  But, it’s SNOWING.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow… But, NOT when I’m kayaking. It hailed on us today while we were kayaking.  But, it’s going to be sunny with a high of 80 degrees tomorrow!!!