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Paddling California

This year, i got the chance to come to California, a dream i had for over five years. I was really excited because i heared and read so much about it. All the videos i saw, brought my endorphins to go crazy. Classic and steep rivers, blue sky and sun every day.

My first impressions were a little bit different. The first 10 days it rained all day long and the temperature seemed to gain never more than 10 degrees. So, sometimes it was hard to be motivated to paddle. In addition the waterlevels are crazy this year. Since there is a weather measure, the land has never seen so much snow. In some regions of California there is still a snowpack of two or three meters. The last two weeks the weather went more then good, with hot temperature and no clouds anymore. But with all the sun the snow begin to melt and most of the clasic rivers we wanted to run, raise apocalyptic high. Anyhow it is not so difficult to find good whitewater in California and so i had some awesome days there.

I think when you see the pictures, you know what i mean…


Cheers Timo