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Off to Bhutan – Drangme Chu Expedition! Back soon, we hope!

Lot sof Rocks

Lots of Rocks

In about 7 hours I am off to Bhutan!

I will meet up with Mike Abbott in Bangkok and then head up to Bhutan to catch up with the team.  We are off to Eastern Bhutan, a long bumpy ride away to the Drangme Chu.

We completed the 1st D of the Same river, where it starts up in India 2 years ago so it is nice to approach from this side and complete the story.  In Arunachal it it called the Tawang Chu, that story took us 5 days and a bit of a hike out just before the Bhutan border.

This time, just in case we have to carry anything on any portages we thought we would take some customers!  That’s right, its a rafting Expedition.  We have 2 paddle rafts with willing clients.  They are in for hell of a ride, as the river looks pretty full on until further down near India, so we will see what happens!

I will post a report when we get back and I am sure this will be a grand tale to tell!

You can see more about this trip HERE