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Norway 08

Whats going on gang. Hope everybody has been enjoying the 08 season. its been a wicked one over here in norway, the land of big waterfalls, beautiful girls and expensive beers. For the past few months i have been based out of sjoa, living the glorious life as raftguide/riverbum ones again.


maxi on the Ulla waterfalls

Sjoa is a great place with many wicked rivers close by. but it’s nice to get away every ones in a while. so we did some sweet trips. in Voss we got on the Jordal, Myrkdal and Raundalselva (sp?). Teigdalen unfortunatly was not running, so i gotta come back for my redemption run. 3 years ago that one ended my first norway experience early with 6 broken ribs.


Andy Philipa racing in Voss



Last week we went to the Morg o Romsdal area. there we found some good rivers and the most delicious strawberry cake i have ever had. the Lower Rauma dropped into a runnable alas high level on the last day of our trip. this was the last big one to knock of my norway list. the team included Aussie Shaun and the english boys Nick and Rick. We were treated again and again to great rapids with beautiful scenery, a real gem of a river.


maxi on Flemmings drop, lower Rauma

other norway highlights included the sjoa River fest, where I managed to paddle to 3rd place in the head to head “extreme” race down the Amot section. Too much fun bashing down some good whitewater with 4 people at the same time. also the infamous Pimp and Ho party as well as my roommates wedding mate for a plenty exciting summer.

The Everest has performed wonderfully over here on the pushy and steep water in Norway. Cant wait for the fall in Nepal, when we`ll get the boat where it truly belongs, on steep multiday trips in the Himalaya.

 thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of summer