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Moose Fest…race results, party report, and some cool pictures

Just got back from the Moose Festival weekend.  I’m actually writing this as most people are still driving back from the Moose Fest.   It was a solid weekend, starting with a great party on friday, followed by a sweet race, then another party pn saturday, and finally some more good boating on Sunday.  The Race Results and more pictures are posted inside. 

 jeremy boofing deer

Friday night started off with a great bar crawl hosted by the town of Old Forge.  It seemed like most of the action was concentrated at slickers and the Tow Bar.  I’ll post some pistrues from Friday night as soon as I get them.  Trust me you want to see them.

Early Saturday morning I decided to stalk a deer with my camera.  I eventually got him to do tricks for me.  This deer was so used ot people I think I could have gotten it ot eat out of my hand. 


 and now for the race results…

Long boats                                                          Short Boats

1. Justin Beckwith                                               1. Trip Kinney

2. Freddie Corielle                                                 2. Tom Vickery

3. Matt Young                                                      3. Scott Linton

4. Mike Burns                                                       4. Mike (Hobbit) Condino

5. Chris Koll                                                         5. Paul Twist


It was an awesome race.  Justin got to decide how we will run the race for next year.  He decided that we will race the entire Bottom Moose in a timed, individual format.  All I can say is I can’t wait for the Speeder. 

jeremy at fowlersville

Today I took a great run down with Jeremy and Tom.  We snapped off a couple of photos in some good spots.  The highlight of my day was Jeremy almost running over Corran in Crystal.  Check the picture out, it was hilarious. 

jeremy boofing


 tom boof

jeremy chasing corran