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Moose Fest

Everest!Kevin Burkhead running Fowlersville Falls in the NEW Everest!

We made it up to the Moose River Festival this weekend in northern New York in the small town of Old Forge. It is a great festival for class 5 as well as for kayakers just starting to get into the sport.

The river gets progressively harder the further you venture downstream, starting with the middle-class 2-3, then the Lower class 3-4 and ending with the Bottom 4-5+. You can make it as difficult as you want. Its an awesome river!

Ive been coming up to the Moose since I was 14 and have learned a lot on this river. I was able pay it forward this year showing a few newbies down the Bottom.

ChrisLocal boy Chris running Folwersville.

Graham@knifes edge Graham boofing Knifes Edge.

LDFusilli Dave boofing Knifes Edge in the Medium Ammo.

BigBall Big Dave Fusilli trying out the Large Burn running Agers Falls.

Brent@Agers Our fresh into class five buddy Brent McNeil running Agers Falls.

Kevin@crystal Kevin running the Alpine Line at Crystal in the Everest.

Magilla! Me running a little too close to the right wall on the last rapid on the Bottom, Magilla!

The Party on Saturday night was a good time as well. Good deals on cold weather gear cheap beer and an LVM premiere, I really didnt try to make that rhyme…but it was all there.

On the way up we stopped at Hole Brothers on the Black river in Watertown NY. A nice way to break up the drive.
Hole Brothers Graham cartwheeling the 4-Twenty
loop Looping
dave@charlieÂ’s Dave looping.

Still having fun with our 4-Twenty’s, looking forward to this years new playboat- The REV – we have seen some pictures of the finished product and it is looking really nice! Can’t wait to get it out there!