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Minus Fun on the Ottawa River!

Wow, the summer is coming to an end way too fast. Tomorrow morning is the Ottawa River Rodeo/Canada Cup, and for the first time in years the Garburator wave is at a prime level for the competition.

There have been great levels here on the Ottawa all summer. When the levels drop below zero on the gauge some of the best play features come out – Garb, Pushbutton, Babyface, Corner Wave and Horseshoe. This season we have been able to play on all of these features for months. These are the water levels that have made the Ottawa River famous = Minus Fun!

Tomorrow’s competition should be a great show with a number of the best Canadian, U.S and other international team members hanging around the area. The OKS Keeners will likely have a substantial representation as well. The Ottawa River is also host to the “King of Clubs” festivities taking place this weekend. This is a great community event as clubs from all over Ontario compete in numerous on and off water contests to crown the “king” or best kayaking club.

It’s a great weekend to be on the Ottawa whether you’re here to compete, play or just spectate. I am very much looking forward to being out on the warm, fun waters of the Ottawa River!

Corner Wave

Corner Wave

Corner Wave

Puppy Dogs!






Pushbutton 2

Pushbutton 3

Pushbutton 4

Pushbutton 5