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Late Summer M-wave Shred With Pyranha Molan

For me, this past summer was a lot different than the ones in the past.  After a super savage snowboard wipe out 8 and a half months ago, and an epic month touring around Colorado on the Pyranah van, I spent most of my time in Northwest Montana living at home with the fam.  My time spent there consisted mainly of fishing, tubing, countless hours of physical therapy and hardly any kayaking.  I recently  made the trek back down to Gunnison CO for my last semester of school and took a highly anticipated trip to the M-Wave to see how the new Molan performed on a big, fast wave.  After hearing good things about the Molan I was fired up to take it out on a fast action glassy wave.  I was blown away at how fast and loose the boat is considering its short length and how comfortable I felt paddling it.  Here is a short video of my first day paddling the Molan on the M-wave: