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“Keeping it Public” in Colorado

“This land is your land, this land is my land.” Boof it!

Lately there has been a lot of talk about public lands in the US. Specifically, the debate is over the public ownership of our National Parks, Forests, and Monuments. A small but vocal number of people advocate transferring some of this land to state or private ownership. Some would love to sell this land to developers for private profit. Others strongly oppose this idea; citing the immense recreational value of lands that are open to ALL people and protected by the resources of the federal government. I won’t delve into this debate here, but I will share a few images from this past summer. I hope you can imagine yourself – and your grandchildren – enjoying an adventure in these public places.

Looking back at a punishing – but Public – portage.

All of these images were taken in public lands in Colorado.  Some were taken in a National Forest, others were taken in a National Park (formerly a National Monument). The last photo was taken in Bear’s Ears National Monument , the newest and most-debated National Monument being “reviewed” by the current president.

Dropping a Public waterfall into Public water (with a shallow, Public, LZ).

Morning coffee on the Black Canyon overnighter. A plan to flood this gorge will never happen now that this is a National Park.

All of the land in these photos is open to YOU, whether you are rich or poor, Republican or Democrat. Heck, you don’t even have to be an American to enjoy these places. Enjoy the pics. Then get out there and enjoy our public lands!

Boofing for the people: Vallecito Creek, San Juan National Forest, Colorado, USA.

Sunset over Mt. Sherman, Pike National Forest, Colorado, USA.

BONUS PIC: San Juan River in the hotly-debated Bear’s Ears National Monument, Utah, USA. This place is amazing and beautiful. It is also Public and protected…for now.