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Jonas Le Morvan / Nicolas Caussanel 2017 Showreel [English]

2017 is over now, so after some New Year celebrations, it’s time to have a look back on what has been my best year of kayaking so far!

This season was the richest I’ve had in terms of travelling, starting the year on the Kaituna in New-Zealand and ending it in Tasmania on some insane rivers; add some months on the best European rivers between, and I ended up with something like living the dream!

Of course, 2017 came with lot of extremes races and some good results too; 4th at PBR, 4th at Outdoormix, 4th at King of the Alps, 1st at Extrem Sport Veko, 2nd at Sjoa River Fest, and 1st place at King of the Alps in a team with my favourite paddling buddy, Jonas Le Morvan. I’m a little disappointed with my 18th rank at Sickline, but if 2017 was perfect, how would I make 2018 even better?!

To me, the main thing is that paddlers get to meet some of the best buddies you will ever find everywhere in the world on a car park or on the river; for this point, 2017 was so insane, from Kaituna car park to Oetz river, I realised that the kayaking world is both small and huge, but mainly unique!

Nicolas Caussanel


Nicolas and I have made a good team, paddling our 9Rs, racing in Europe and travelling across several countries. A very full 2017!

Full of exciting races where we managed to progress together by sharing our analysis; the results are promising, despite limited training in Paris. A 20th rank at the World Championships, and a victory against the Italians on their home run.

Full of beautiful trips; I often joined Nico by train, and we found ourselves in the Pyrenees, the Alps, Italy, Austria and Norway for great kayaking and many meetings with kayakers from around the world.

Full of awesome videos; I now bring my Drone, my DSLR, and GoPro on the water. My boat is now a kind of super cinema studio.

This video is only a fraction of our adventures, many more will be put online in the coming weeks.

2018 promises to be filled with even more exciting projects… I look forward to sharing these with you!

Jonas Le Morvan