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GBR Freestyle team trials 2015

After spending 6 weeks living the dream on the Nile, It was time to pack up, leave the warm weather and perfect waves behind in order to return to England and start preparing for one of the most crucial events of the year, GBR team trials.

I flew back home a week in advance to get used to cold water and small waves, I was still pretty messed up from Malaria but asides from feeling terrible I had a great week training everyday with the boys and was feeling pretty confident that aslong as the Malaria behaved itself I could bag a team spot. Team Trials this year was a two event selection process with both counting. We have in the past held three events with your best two results counting, This gives you a throw event and can definately take the pressure of knowing that you can have a bad day and still be in the running for a spot on the team, without that format this years event was going to definately favour the more consistent kayaker.

The first day of the event came around and Hurley was giving up prime levels, Steep, green but still with a good amount of pile on it. I was struggling with Malaria and was tanking after my fourth trick but I managed to hold it together and put in two solid rides, which put me in 5th place. Local hero Doug Cooper destroyed everyone at his home spot, it was awesome to see him tear it up.

Day two was to be held at Lee Valley and this was definately the event that everyone was the most nervous about. A small flushy seconday wave that was hard to do pretty much anything on. Scores where low with tonnes of flushes. I had to really force myself to play it safe, throw small tricks and work the point system. This is not my normal style. I am a firm believer of going big or going home and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately due to the nature of this event and what is at stake having it not pay off was not an option.

With my combined results I made it onto the team for the 6th consecutive year (screw you malaria). Palm’s Lowri Davies also made it onto the womens team.

The World Championships this year are going to be held on a wave the first time since 2009 and I am so excited, Looking forward to an awesome 120 days of traning before the big showdown in Ottawa.

Next up, Stakeout!
See you on the water,

Photos by Seth Ashworth and Doug Cooper