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Gauley Fest 2010


Karaoke contestants putting on a show to try and impress the judges and crowd.


So, another fun Gauley Fest has come and gone.  We kept busy under the Pyranha booth showing off the line of boats, slanging Demshitz shirts, drinking favorite beverages, and being entertained by karaoke contestants showing off to try and win skirts, drybags, keychains, shirts, and other cool Pyranha swag.


Thanks to Brenton and Mark for setting up the sweet karaoke system, which proved to be better than the late night Piano Guy.


Yes, this is a picture of ZOAR outdoor in Charlemont, MA, NOT the Gauley.  But, Jeremy Laucks is leaning against the newest boat in the Pyranha fleet; the Varun.  Gauley Fest was a perfect time to show off this new River Running Playboat both on and off the river.   It’s a fun boat for playboating holes and waves, but has a little extra length and therefore more speed and stability than a full on playboat.  The Varun is a great choice for punching holes, making ferries, cartwheeling, sternsquirting, and spinning. More information on this new toy to come.

P9223979 P9223981P9223980

With the help of BIG D, we also slang some of the new demshitz shirts.  Contact [email protected] if you’re interested in purchasing one for $15.  They also come in grey with pink writing.