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Fusion Duo | The Best Gift For Your Family

Getting the whole family on the water can be a real challenge! Multiple boats, wedging gear in awkward places, and uncomfortable paddling with screaming children crammed in the boat with you; these were all things I was dreading! That is until the Pyranha Fusion Duo came into our lives.

Read on, and find out why getting a Fusion Duo might be the best thing you can do for your family!


Being a family, naturally, you end up taking a lot of stuff, most of it completely unnecessary! This always worried me about getting the family out in kayaks. I was pleasantly surprised with how I could fit pretty much everything in the rear hatch of the Fusion Duo, and although it’s sensible to use dry bags for your kit, everything in there was kept pretty dry too!

The Fusion Duo’s cockpits are quite large, which for us was perfect. Our girls are still really young, so having space for our youngest to comfortably sit on one of our laps as we paddle was ideal.

Don’t Rock the Boat…

Stability is always a concern with excited kids, and the Fusion Duo has bags of it! This makes it a super smooth boat to paddle, even when loaded up with gear. My daughter likes to spend most of her time standing up in the cockpit, and this was no issue at all!

Engage Cruise Control!

Like most touring kayaks, the Fusion Duo sports a retractable skeg. Pyranha have put in a really easy to use slider control for this just in front of the rear cockpit, and we found this really useful if we needed to attend to the kids whilst maintaining some momentum, or if we just wanted to relax a bit and not worry about steering. The skeg also helps prevent the really annoying thing kids do where they trail their paddle in the water and steer you into the trees, although a splash of water also does the trick there…

Ride the Rapids!

The Fusion Duo is a crossover touring kayak, but what does that mean?! It means that as well as being a fantastic calm water cruiser, you can also enjoy the thrill of riding some rapids! The progressive rocker profile is great for driving through small features and waves with plenty of speed, and even considering its size, the boat carves into eddies nicely.

The Fusion Duo is built strong like Pyranha’s whitewater kayaks and has many of the same safety features such as secure, rated grab handles.

This is all ideal as most river trips I’ve taken the family out on have some light rapids, and it’s nice to know that not only can we navigate them safely, but we can have a blast on them and maybe even surf a wave!

In Conclusion…

We love our Fusion Duo, and it’s opened up the doors to some fantastic family adventures for us! Do your family a favour and get one too!

Not sure? Book a demo at your local Pyranha Stockist and find out for yourself!