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FIBARK- Because Demshitz have more FUN


This past weekend demshitz hung out in Salida, CO for the annual FIBARK.  Due to high water the usual punishing ‘Pine Creek’ Race was held on rapid #4 instead and the rodeo became a touchy wave rather than a hole.   But, FIBARK is always a good time with deep fried snickers, live music, and carnival rides!  Here David Fusilli and Mike Patterson lead the pack in a preliminary round of the #4 boatercross.  Dave finished 1st overall and I ended up 3rd.

Here’s an amazing high quality video of the boatercross:


Dave, Craig, and Mike taking their rodeo practice ride.  They all placed somewhere between 6th-10th and I ended up 3rd.

On Sunday Mike and I raced the FIBARK 26-miler, which is one of, if not the oldest whitewater race in the US.  Mike won the rec. boat class using a Speeder and I would have as well, but I used someone else’s bib so my official result was a DNF.  Regardless, it was fun in one of those painfully long with the wind in your face kind of ways.