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I’ve just got back from an incredible time in the Alps. If you can’t be bothered reading about it scroll down for the video…

It all started out in Italy, which was great fun. Lots of small slides and drops. I was joining Dom Burrow who had already been there for a while so within a couple of days we hit the road and headed to Argantiere.

And the lake, perfect for flat water training

I’ve not been to France in 8 years so everything was basically new to me. My favorite run was without a shadow of a doubt the Middle Guil. One of the best grade 4 runs I’ve ever done and now one of my top 3 favorite rivers. At low flows it was an awesome run for the Loki, and with more water an incredible big volume river perfect for my new XL Burn.

Loki loving the Middle Guil

Jamie Greenhalgh boming down in his Burn mk III

The rivers of France were fantastic but by far the coolest thing was the sheer numbers of people who make the trip out. I got to catch up with so many friends I’d not seen in years, make some new ones, and even take Zorba Laloo kayaking – the guy responsible for all of our antics out in Meghalaya. Its nice to see things come full circle!!

After the ridiculous amounts of red wine finally forced us to pack up and leave France. We headed to Austria via the least efficiant route ever. Highlights include our phycho nights out in Thun and Munich.

Also, Thun has a sweeeet wave in its city centre which would be rubbish for any modern play boat, but fortunately we had our trusty Loki’s with us.

The kayaking finished on the Finstermunster section of the Inn, which was both super scary and super AMAZING. The guidebook rates it at grade 5 at 35 cumecs…we had a tad more than that…