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Dominican Republic – Part 1: Rio Yaque del Norte

Below: Matthew Beauchamp boofing off the wall.  Photo by Steve Krajewski.


In December of 2015 Matthew Beauchamp, Steve Krajewski, Shannon Goshorn, and I (Adam Goshorn) headed to the island of Hispaniola to check out the rivers of the Dominican Republic.  Although the island was experiencing a pattern of dry weather, we still found options to paddle daily and enjoyed a great time in this lesser known paddling destination.

Below: Shannon Goshorn lining dropping into a tight move that involved ducking the overhanging wall in the landing.  Photo by Steve Krajewski.


The Rio Yaque del Norte is the longest river in the Dominican Republic and it offers several sections of whitewater ranging from class II-IV.  Its large watershed means it is rarely too low to paddle, although some sections require more water than others.  We ended up spending four days paddling on the Yaque and spent most of our time on the Las Guazarus section, which seemed to be the most channelized and offer the best option for the low water conditions we were experiencing.

Below: Steve Krajewski boofing a fun double drop.  Photo by Adam Goshorn.


Below: A completion video from several different laps on the Rio Yaque del Norte at a few different levels. Edited by Adam Goshorn.

Stay tuned for more updates from our time in the Dominican Republic!

Until Next Time…

Adam Goshorn

Below: Adam Goshorn lining up for the kicker on a low volume slide.  Photo by Steve Krajewski.