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Doin’ it for the girls.

Recently the Pyranha Van took two of it’s lady coaches (Me – Fran Kohn and P&H paddler and coach Kate Duffus ) and a load of demo boats and headed up to Bonny Scotland for the (mostly) annual Scottish Women’s Paddling Symposium.

This was only some of the ladies who had signed up for a sunny day of whitewater.

The Symposium caters to the many different disciplines within paddle sport and the participants had sessions on White Water, Freestyle, Sea Paddling, Open Canoeing and Surf Kayaking to chose from! But unlike many other symposiums this one provides exclusively for ladies and offers an environment of coaching and learning that some women find more comfortable.

The sea kayaking crew

Loads of different disciplines of coaching were on offer.

After a morning of Playboating, the ladies practiced their river running skills.

We arrived on the friday night in Findhorn town on the North East coast of Scotland and were given a very warm welcome by the other lady coaches. It was lovely to see so many women enthusiastic about paddle sports, a that feeling carried over the whole weekend.This year it was fully subscribed with 50 participants and it looks set to keep on growing – hopefully the Royal Findhorn Yacht Club will build a bigger room for us all!

Coaching on the Findhorn.

Coaching for ladies by ladies

We had beautiful weather, great paddling , great company and great food – all the ingredients for a top weekend. On the Saturday I accompanied the Freestyle and White Water girls on the Gary, then on the Sunday I took a group of girls for some skills coaching on the Upper Findhorn. Everyone was working hard and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine. There wasn’t a glum face on the river.

A rather lovely 'Cheesening'

Mags in her natural environment.

Mags and the ladies

Pyranha Team member Mags Duncan and her commitee did a fantastic job to organise an event for women that was a real success and we need more of these events that promote Women and their needs within our fantastic sport…so watch this space England and Wales.

Photos by me, Jutta Dimke and Kate Duffus.