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Dialling In Moves In The 12R

It’s the Eve of the 23rd Annual Green Race; what better time than to hear from some of the members of Team Pyranha who’ll be piloting the Pyranha 12R down the course for the first time…

Dylan McKinney

When I first heard of the Green Race some ten years ago, I remember thinking how insane it was that people actually paddle the Green, nevertheless race the rapids. As I progressed and started paddling the Green myself, my mindset slowly changed. I knew the Green Race as an event that had all of the big and fast paddling names, but I never thought I’d be a part of it. It’s tight, technical, and difficult. The race seems as though it’s a right of passage in the Southeast paddling community, or at least it has been in my mind. In 2012, I found my self at the start line for the first time, full of nerves and stoke, lining it all up. Six years later I have my name on that same list, ready to lay it all down on the first Saturday in November and that isn’t going to change any time soon. There is nothing like race day; turning the corner and having over one thousand people cheer you on as you race your way down class V rapids. The community, comradeship, and the world-class river make it all worth it and one of the most beautiful events in whitewater kayaking.

It’s been a long time coming for Pyranha to produce a longboat. Pyranha really created something unique and forward thinking in terms of long boat design. Sure the 12R is fast, but it is nimble and fun too! Bow rocker that carries the boat up and over large features, a stern fit for engagement and initiating timely turns, and a hull that tracks extremely well. Preparing for the Green Race has been a blast, especially in the 12R. Aside from racing the 12R, it has been a dream to paddle on any river. I’m stoked to finally have a Pyranha long boat in my quiver, just in time for the 23rd Annual Green River Narrows Race!

Michael Ferraro

Pyranha Kayaks finally made a long boat! Not only did they make one, but they made the best one I’ve ever paddled. I have extensive experience in both the Stinger and the Green Boat. The 12R is on a different level of thoughtful design which makes paddling this kayak fast, fun, and in my opinion easy. My favourite features are the wave deflectors on the bow that break the water’s surface so your bow stays nice and dry and the paddle cutouts at the knees. The 12R is the most versatile longboat to paddle. Whether you’re trying to crush the Green Race, do attainments, go on an expedition, or just change things up this kayak will not disappoint. I’m looking forward to representing Pyranha in the upcoming Green Race!

As for dialing in the lines for Green Race I know where to go I just need to paddle hard on race day and grease the lines. My first lap in the 12R was 4:40 and the second lap was 4:27 so it hasn’t taken me too long to adjust to the boat.

Check out the start list to see who else is rocking a 12R!