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Demshitz en Chile!

So Demshitz is here in Pucon Chile. The weather has been a bit wet and cold, but we have gotten on a few of the best runs around town.
The first day we went to check out the rio Panqui and watched local wild man Rodrigo Tuschner and Team Pyranha boy Ian Garcia fire up the portage, a 50+ footer first descent. Ian went first and had an interesting approach blazing in hot and pitch poling a tad finding some rocks at the bottom exploding his paddle in 3. Rodrigo went next and had a better idea of how to run it from watching Ian and stuck it nicely. Afterwards we all paddled the Rio Desahue, which is one of the best runs around Pucon.
I fired up the portage at a lower level and didnt quite have the best line…still feeling the hurt from landing 30 ft onto sharp rocks. Hoping to get some redemption soon.
The next day we paddled the Nevados at a nice level. This run is a lot of fun and pretty stout, one of my favorites for sure.
The next day after a massive celebration that went on until the wee hours, we hiked up the rio Turbio which was at a richter high level from a lot of rain the night before…I walked all the way to the top and walked all the way back to the car, a bit too stout for my liking. Ian and Rodrigo ran most of the run, walking a few nasty hydraulics, Evan also fired some stuff up on it. Demshitz was scared. Today we took a chill day and went to the Trancura with play boats and took it easy. This afternoon we decided to go check out the Stout Middle Palguin 70 footer and of course it looks sick and we may run it tomorrow. Afterwards we are driving to Argentina to check out some possible first descents. check out Evans blog for pics from the Panqui first descent and other cool stuff.