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demshitz 2012 World Cup life….

So coming off my shoulder injury the World Cup was the first stop on my list.   I was not able to paddle, but I was asked to help with the team management of the US for the event. Captain America was a bit hard to pull off, but I think I did OK. So this video shows the last 2 of the 3 world cup events. One at the Pigeon and one at the NOC. We where able to sneak some Green runs in there of course with a day of %200. These where my first days back in my creek boat which was fun and scary as hell!  Add to this some funny shit from downtown Asheville and you’ve got it!   I was super pleased to meet and hang out with a few of our paddlers that came over for the event from the UK.  David Wild and Bren Orton ( the Business)  showed off some great skills on the freestyle end of things, but where just as impressive in their creek boats as you will see below.  Great to meet you boyz!!