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Chute the Hooch Racing Camp

This was passed along to me from fellow Pyranha paddler Casey Jones:

As almost any kayaker knows, the best feeling one can have is when they can give back to the community of paddlers who helped develop their skills. The January 17-18, 2009, weekend during the USACK Chute the Hooch Wildwater Training Camp was such an experience for me. In previous years, I have attended the camp as a racer, but due to shoulder injuries, I attended the training camp with the intent of making Pyranha Speeders available to first time racers. With help from Jim Hager and Dinver McClure I was able to take two demo boats to the training camp.

The first day which took place at the Atlanta Rowing Venue in the City of Roswell GA, focused mainly on technique. Racers spent the morning session refining a proper racing stroke. As many found, the Speeder is much easier to learn in, because of its stability, its ease of turning, and the ease of getting the boat up to speed. The only problem with the Speeder this past weekend was that the demand was a greater than the supply of available Speeders.

Tim Boring showing great technique

Saturday afternoon’s clinic racers combined speed with good technique. All the participants made significant leaps and strides in their paddling ability.

Janet Chisholm practicing her stroke

On Sunday, the winds blew in and brought clear weather and excited racers. A number of hardened veterans and first time racers alike gathered at Powers Ferry on the Chattahoochee River for an impromptu race. The largest class by far was the K-1 Men’s plastic class, three of which where Pyranha Speeders.

All in all, the Pyranha Speeder demo proved to be a success. Many who attended expressed to me that the Speeder is a great option for first time racers to have beginning their Wildwater racing career.

Chuck Spornick modeling the Pyranha Speeder

Photos courtesy of Nathan Chastain and Casey Jones

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