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Briancon, beer and boatercross

Briancon, beer and boatercross So after the Teva race in Ivera (italy) Anton and myself headed over to the French alps to spend the week in L’argentierre.

During the week we paddled most of the classics in the area including the Guill (in on go) and the durance gorge

Anton also found a slightly more obscure run which included a hike, a rappel and a swim….

link to antons video

on our last Saturday the (un)official student boatercross was happening, with lots of carnage based at the l’Argentierre slalom course, Anton won the bloatercross race with a boat filled with rocks (I came 3rd)




We are now sitting next to the Brandseth in Voss getting ready for extremesportveko kicking off in a couple of days. (Anton also found another short run called Butt Crack Creek