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Boquet Goodies

This past weekend myself and three other friends packed in a large “sex-terra” for a multi-day trip up North to find some new runs that we’ve never paddled. We left Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Wednesday night and had our hearts set on John’s Brook in New York but when we arrived the next morning it was too low. Fortunately, the Boquet was only a quick drive away and it had some decent water so we decided to fire it up. Here are some photos Art Barket shot of me running the first rapid.




The Karnali was the perfect boat for this run and although it took me a little bit to get used to its softer edges, I eventually found it to be just as stable as the Burn and even faster. If you have the chance to demo the boat, then give it a try! I think you will be surprised how much fun it can be . . .

Check out some more photos from the run of the Karnali in action –



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