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Boater Chic Festival

Alright ladies, this weekend in Western North Carolina is all about you. It is the 5th annual boater chick festival starting this Saturday with various events going on. Nelson’s Nantahala Hideaway is the meeting spot for all events, including camping and hosting a party, because no festival is complete without a big ass party. There will be live music, awards, a raffle and of course plenty of fun for everyone. This includes dudes. As for actual boating, there will be a number of clinics that you can partake in, including a playboating clinic that I will be putting on. I will be rolling in style with the Pyranha van filled with various boats for anyone part of the clinic to jump in and get a feel for all the different boats Pyranha offers. For a full line up of clinics at the festival, take a look at the schedule of events. There will also be a freestyle comp held at the Ocoee and a boatercross on the Cheoah. Go ahead, you know you want to join!