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Louise Fingleton

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Name: Louise Fingleton
Date registered: May 8, 2014


My Name is Louise Fingleton , I'm 24 years and have been paddling for about 4 years. I have a repetition for being very active, energetic and sometime hyperactive individual but if anything I believe this complements my passion for kayaking. I first started kayaking with the ‘old boys’ who kindly took me under their wing, they encouraged and challenged me to improve my skills. I was hooked from my first trip and have spent nearly every weekend since on the water, come hail, snow, rain or shine. I always have a massive grin on my face weather I’m scraping it down the river Tees or on a descent level on the Moriston. Kayaking has become my life; I’m always checking on water levels during the week and planning the weekend trips around the UK, or abroad, finances permitting! I love meeting people that share my passion and have been fortunate to form many close relationships with paddlers from England, Scotland, Wales and beyond. When I'm not kayaking I'm working as an Occupational Therapist, out on my bike, horse or anything which guides me into the outdoors.

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  1. A kayaking world without whitewater… — August 10, 2014

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A kayaking world without whitewater…

A while back I attended a talk given by Eric Boomer and Sarah McNair where they described an adventure of a lifetime. Eric described it as a very intense ‘ double date’ with himself, Katherine Breen, Eric Mc Nair and Sarah McNair. They handcrafted their own Kayak’s and embarked a 1000km journey across the 5th …

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