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Appalachian Double-shot!

3 days on the Green followed by a power-drive to West Virginia for a Beautiful day on the Upper Blackwater.

Go Left-Kevin

Wild and Wonderful WV

 The day before on the Green River provided some awesome pictures. Read more to see pictures and VIDEO of the gang running the Green this past week.


Videos:Jared left sunshine Dinver left sunshine Kevin @ Sunshine
Conor Finney  Chillin'  Billy Jones  Dave the Wave  D

Dinver McClure-Hale left @Sunshine  Wave @ Sunshine  Hale Left


Upper Blackwater

My Nerves are shot and I want to go Home.Looking back upstream at the last major rapid on the Upper Blackwater.

Having Fun on the two most commonly run class five runs in the East. Off to the Moose Fest next weekend!
For information on Blackwater Canyon visit