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Alternatives to snow

Launching at Cresta 1

My new home is 250m from the Ski Station, and the season pass is here, but not jet the snow. While i wait for the snow to come, i have to talk some friends into it, that there are still some possibilities for paddling around. Now, i could convince some, and we even found an un-run stretch…

A little Creek, in some places consisting more or less of a long series of connected potholes, which normally is just a lot of quite unrunnable boiling white, seemingly never before got a paddlers attention in the wintertime.
cresta_drop_flem__05-custom.JPG cresta_drop_flem__61-custom.JPG
Most of it is filled up with logjams, but i thought, some meters could be worth trying.
I got our group together, Franz, Sandro, Andrea, and another friend helping with rope skills.
cresta_drop_flem__13-custom.JPG cresta_drop_flem__23-custom.JPG

After checking out the way out, and setting up safety, we gave it a try.

Launching at Cresta 1

Yesss, sweet! after the first run, and then doing safety for Franz, i had to go again, we paddled only some 50 meters anyways.




Daylight started to fade away way too fast, so we had to leave the scene.


Excited by the fact, that we found such cool new Playgrounds in such a well known area, and knowing that the arrival of the Ammo promises even more fun on these small features, i started to look into a series of other small side-creeks.
If snowfall doesn’t set in soon, i will be able to report more.

Photos by Andrea M. Zarn.

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  1. Team Pyranha Blog » Black forest weekend by Thomas Rogenmoser in Paddler Lifestyle Articles Creeking Articles says:

    […] Since my last post, some kind of winter did come by, we had a few good days in the snow, but i never stopped dreaming of paddling. This weekend was rainy and warm again, so i called up two friends, ron and luc, and quickly we decided to head to marco schlink in freiburg, and go paddle in the black forest, where rivers generally only get water in wintertime. I was specially excited, because it would be my first time in my AMMO S. Friday morning we paddled the upper and middle Alb, a very nice gorge in pool-drop style. In the afternoon, we paddled the lower Vera at 1m, a very fast, ever-white no-eddy non-stop roadside-run, which tends to look more like fun than hard paddling. So it was only after the take-out that ron and luc understood why i talked them out of running the harder upper part, called parkinglot-run. […]

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