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Adventure in Nepal

Nepal has to be one of the best places to go for multiday river trips. You fly in to KTM, dump your boat and bags at the kayak friendly hotel, eat a curry and plan your trip. Its so easy to jump on a bus with your boat loaded for a multiday, get to the put in and start.


In November just gone, I went there for the first time and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to go. Wherever you look there’s a backdrop of the Himalayas which you don’t seem to get tired of gazing at.




Its pretty funny getting your gear into the back of the Burn if you’ve not done it before. There is definitely a technique to it. My haphazard manner usually meant that I would have to unpack everything to get the one thing i stuffed into the end! Hmm I had much to learn… all us girls had the Smalls and the guys had the big ‘L’s. Though we were strong headed and stubborn we gladly turned our heads as the men stuffed the extra kit into theirs. By the end of the trip tho I had it down and the Burn ruled as I transported all of my ‘extra necessities’ down the river.



When supplies got low we stopped at the villages and made friends with the locals. Brilliant food. Eat me those eggs. 5 weeks quickly went kayaking rivers from the West to the East. Highlights were the Karnali, Marsyandi and the Bhote Kosi. A river trip that takes longer than 2 hours on the river is a way to feel more at home in your boat! The Burn moved better loaded and boofed like a demon. I enjoyed every minute of it and the whitewater and country is becoming more and more popular for single travellers and the ladies! Go and get you some dal baht!