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A little bit of Mexico Action.

We’re recently back from a few weeks in Mexico researching for our new North American guidebook. It was a great opportunity to take a break from winter and play around in the Recoil and the Ammo while leaving the neck gaskets behind!

The first report has the Cascadas Micos – a super-fun class III run full of travertine slides and drops. The water was warm, and you could take your playboat! I had a great time Recoiling it. Here’s a cool pic from the Micos. You can link over to to see the full trip report from the Micos and some slightly heavier creeking action on the Salto.

Leland and Andria doing the Recoil/Ammo tandem slide on the Cascadas Micos.
Photo by Ben Edson /

Have fun out there and stay warm!