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Yule Creek

It was around 7 in the morning and it was poring in carbondale… our motivation was low to say the least but I had convinced my good friend jp to drive out from denver to get yule creek checked off the list. So we polled together some friends who where keen to come film and shoot some guns and we where off. Three cups of coffee and a 30 minute drive later 7 of us where at the creek looking down at 4 drops with very little water in them. Jp and I hadn’t seen it run that low but decided it was still kinda good to go so we threw our gear on and headed to the put in. Our problem was we didn’t know where the put in was so we just kind of went down a hill and got cliffed out. After 45 minutes of bushwhacking we made it back to the car. Jp said he had repelling gear so we ended up going in and repelling right to the lip of the first 30 footer. Jp won rock paper scissors and headed off the massive horizon line! He sent the first one and then plundered over the second with a crazy line and almoast set his hand down on the rock… I could hear his boat hit the wall of the slide from where I was! Not so convinced it was the best idea, I followed him… first waterfall was sick and I shot out upright and stoked. The second slide that was 40 ft and ended in a wall ride and was pushed around switch for the last little part of the slide. Stoked we went to the next drop and jp won the rock paper scissors game again and went for it… mad props to him for sending first both times haha! After 80 feet of high velocity sliding jp hit a flake landing on his head and ejecting but was ok in the pool. So I followed him and connected the slide with the 20 footer below having a bouncy but decent line. Meeting me at the bottom jp and I got real fired up to go kayak the Mill Falls up in Crystal. So we rallied the heinous drive up to the small town with everyone in tow. Seeing the falls one of the kids who had been filming got really fired up to send it while we shot shotguns at the pool below. He had a really loose line falling off the falls upside down but pulled it into a sick roll-boof at the lip and landed upright in the pool below! Marble dished out yet another great time and is still one of my favorite places to paddle! BIG thanks to Lucian, Josh, Eric and Gabe for filming and joining us for this sick day! And thanks to Pyranha for help with some boats! Loving the burn and hoping to get in a shiva soon-ish!


ill put up pictures soon when i get to better internet haha…