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When 13 People Go Kayaking in Quebec Together Something’s Bound To Go Wrong








I just got back from an awesome trip to Quebec.  As a group of 13 we were a travelling circus and party all in one.  We dealt with 4 swims, a dislocated shoulder (thanks Trip Kinney for the speedy riverside medical service), a severely broken kayak (not a Pyranha), and everything that went along with our “travelling celebration”.  In the end we logged almost 40 river miles between the Nielsen, Saturuski, and Jacques-Cartier.  Classic Quebec whitewater fun.   













Most of us met at Dartmouth College on Thursday night, and after a proper Thursday night in a college town we got up real early and headed north.  As time wore on our group seemed to grow, and grow, and grow.  We finally reached lucky number thirteen on Saturday morning.  There were certainly some mishaps along the way, but it was such a great time hanging, and paddling with everyone.  Quebec is always worth the trip, it never dissapoints.