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My predetermined winter boating destination for the past 3 years. A chance to kayak on some of the best white water in the world, forget about the stress of competitions and live cheaply and happily ad mist happy locals and passionate freestylers.
This trip I was able to polish of some of the wave tricks i’ve been working on, run all of the rapids on the river, catch up with some old friends and as is always the way on the Nile, Make some new friends.
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Due to tight funds, I elected to stay in the village with a couple of friends, Martin Koll, Tom Dunphy and Paul Lydon where awesome company and it was a pleasure to boat every day with them, however my favourite person by far was a Russian dude called Vanya, who took life really lightly, entertained us numerous times with broken english and hand gestures and was generally an awesome guy to hang round with.
Life in the village is perfection for me, wake up early, go paddle club wave, come back chill and then head out to Special. The days just melt away and blend into one. The concept of time doesn’t exist, if the waves where in it was time to boat and if not, then it was time to relax.
I had a great time but I think now it’s time to move on from Uganda and find a new destination for big water freestyle paddling, rumours of monsoon boating in Nepal and countries such as Venezuela/China are exiting me and I hope I can get my stuff together this year and take a trip out to see what I can find.
Unfortunately due to a bad case of Malaria and a broken hand I wasn’t able to get enough footage to make a full length video but I will hopefully post up a short collection of the moves we captured on camera over the next few days.
Thanks for reading,
See you on the water,