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Val Sesia Festival

Gene17 and Pyranha joined forces this June to put on a kayaking festival of great proportions in the well-known and loved Val Sesia region of the Italian Alps. As well as the traditional fine pizzas, fine wine and delicious ice-cream, the festival offerred the many participants from the UK, Ireland, Germany and all over Europe as well as as far afield as New Zealand an opportunityy to take part in clinics and competitions. The Sesia Sprint section of the Sesia river was the location for a team race for teams of three paddlers, followed by an individual race. Team Pyranha took 3rd place (with Anton Immler, Dave Hollins and Andy Butler representing). The best times for the individual race were under 11 minutes for the 3km course of the class III/IV race course.  In the individual race, I came second in the ladies category.

The Sweet Rumble boater-X saw another great round of competition, with exciting starts from the start ramp and nail biting finishes with the last two eddies counting for everything! I came second in the ladies section of this race.

The evening finished with a superb outdoor party with everyone getting into the party spirit and dancing away to the excellent DJ’ing provided by AS’s Ewart and Paul Robertson.

I leave you with a few pictures of the picturesque local creeks of Val Sesia and nearby Ticino region in Switzerland (photos by Max Siech and Dave Hollins)