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Ty Goes to NY!

In the spur of the moment trip, a few Southeast boys from Boone, NC headed up to the Moose River in Old Forge, NY.  The group consisted of Clay Lucas, Ben Lucas, Colin Hunt and myself (Ty Caldwell).  Leaving at 5Am, we arrived in Old Forge, NY 14 hours later.  Fired up to paddle we headed to the Moose the next morning, a NE classic.  Good times and good lines were had on and off the river for the weekend.

Big shout out to Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company for the hospitality and for such a great weekend.

Deciding to try to split up the drive on the way home we decided to drive to the Potomac over night.  Some sick drops are out in that area and I suggest everyone try to visit.  The overviews provide a large crowd that cheers with each boof.  Overall it was an awesome weekend and we still made it back in time for class on Monday.

Enjoy the photos and video.  Thanks for all the support and see you on the water.


Ty Caldwell

(Photos for blog only. Copyright: Tommy Penick)