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The Revalution

It’s been a busy few day!  The rain has started to fall and some of the Thames weirs have are starting to open. We have a great range og waves and holes on the Thames, a great testing ground for all new boats.


On Shepperton a pushy fast wave I found the boat to be fast, retentive, and very carvey, more so than the 4.20.



On a steep wave like Sunbury the boat excelled very well, with it’s super narrow hull, edge transfers were easy, therefore carving air blunts were going very big.

 I took a trip down to Hurley this morning on a classic 3 gates. The boat cartwheels well, it feels very stable on end and has a good amount of pop for loops. Again carving blunts were great the boat felt very loose in the middle gate.



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