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The Fastest I Have Ever Gone in My 9R

We had an unbelievable day out today.

We got off a Fantasy falls lap late last night, woke up and rallied to Tenaya. I had heard of this slide and even remember seeing it in an old kayaking film a few years ago, but seeing it in person was crazy; this thing is by far the biggest and longest slide I have ever come across.

The first part of the slide is both the steepest and the crux move, after that, you can pretty much enjoy the ride down as long as you’re prepared to dodge the occasional rock or rooster tail. A couple of the boys weren’t sure about running it as a crash on this type of whitewater could easily send you to the hospital and end your summer kayaking season. After watching myself and Dane have good lines everybody was feeling a little bit more positive about running it and our entire crew for that day ended up sending it which was awesome to watch!

This is by far the fastest I have ever gone down a slide in my kayak!

Check out the full video from the day below:

See you on the water,