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Tamur Adventures

sara-chargeweb2Sara James – Day 2 on the Tamur – Photo Jakub Sedivy

We’ve now been in Nepal for nearly 2 months now.  A definate highlight so far has to have been our trip to the Tamur river. 3 day hike in and then 4 days paddle out, some chunky fun rapids and stunning scenery. Couldn’t have asked for any more.

As its quite a mission to actually get to the Tamur river, we joined up with a trip organised by Gene 17. After a quick warm up on the Trisuli river, we headed east.

Warming up on the Trisuli – photos by Adam D and Sara J

Its a 16 hour journey to the start of your trip but that is only the start of the adventures. Fuelled by granola bars ( and aided by porters), the hike in took another 3 days. Despite not exactly being a fan of walking, I really enjoyed the journey. The trail snaked up the valley, along a ridge and then down again passing through thicks forests, open paddy fields and some fascinating villages, all in the foot hills of the Himalayas.

Walking into the Tamur- photos by Sara James

5 days, 165km*, 14 satsumas and 5 granola bars later we finally reached the Tamur river. After the first hour on the river I already new that all the previous waiting ( and walking) had been worth it.

(* I have no idea how much distance we actually covered).

adam-webAdam Dumolo – photo by Jakub Sedivy

Most the white water is concentrated on the first and last day of the trip. However even the flat sections were interspersed with classic grade 4 rapids. Dodging big holes in a loaded boat is fun as hell (when you get it right). I had a couple of unintentional surfs but generally the river is quite friendly.

Tim-TamurwebTim McAfee – photo by Jakub Sedivy.

WIth countless sandy beaches to sleep on , river life on the Tamur was pretty sweet. Although an unfortunate accident with chopped chilli’s did upset me somewhat.

assorted-3upRiver life - photo by Sara James and Jakub Sedivy

For some more pics from the Tamur and our travels so far, check out my blog.

For more info on G17’s adventure trips check out their website.

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