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Summer Reflections

Now that summer is long over and my school kids are slowly slipping back into their apathetic ways, I thought it was about time for a good bit of procrastination and nostalgia as dig out my photos to re-live a sweet summer of boating.

Checking out Godafoss









Sara James checking on Godafoss – photo – Nick Horwood

Trip 1 –Sneaky trip to Norway.

Given that I could fly to Norway faster than I could drive to Scotland, I decided to pop out there to complete my 5* assessment and catch up with friends for a few days boating.

Sara James on Ulla falls







 Sara James – Ulla falls – Nowary

Sara Nash on Ulla Slides 






Sarah Nash – Ulla Slides, Norway

Trip 2 – Iceland

What can I say, it was everything I had expected and far more.   

Things I HAD expected

  • Lots of water
  • Lots of ice
  • Huge waterfalls

Things I had NOT expected

  • To find a hot pool in a geothermal crack in the middle of a lava field
  • Iceland is not actually that expensive
  • Friendly farmers would greet us with cake after we got off a river

Post river cake hmmm


Sara running the warm up line on Godafoss




Cake hmm                                      Tom Parker – Barka, Iceland              Sara James, Godafoss, Iceland


Trip 3 -Switzerland

World Kayak Freestyle Championships Thun = Squirt boating, sangria and sunshine = good times.