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Shiva on the Green River Narrows

Chris Morelli checking in with an update here! I just headed back to the east coast from a winter of skiing in Utah. On the way home to New York, I decided to head to Asheville, to pick up my new Shiva and JED from Pyranha. I got the chance to take the Shiva out on the Green River Narrows that week, for two days. I love the green. This was my second trip to the river, last time being two summers ago. Anytime you have the chance to paddle the green, take it! It’s such a beautiful place and paddling community. I was very excited to show up for Jerrys Battle also. Such a great challenge for paddlers, paddle the Narrows, hop on a bike and make it happen!

My first thoughts of the Shiva was FAST FAST FAST! This boat holds a line, boofs EVERYTHING, and is super stable landing off of drops. This boat is exactly what I was hoping for. I am 6’1 160lbs. I was in a medium Burn, which is great for pin point accuracy and river running. The Shiva fills the gap for running harder, and bigger whitewater. This boat makes you feel like a rock star. The added volume of the medium Shiva floats and punches effortlessly through holes. The rocker on the boat also lets you turn on a dime and redirect to where you need to go. The biggest change going from a Burn to a Shiva you will notice is the edges, but the Shiva can still whip into micro eddies and make quick moves. The rounded bottom boofs great flat off of drops, as well as edge to edge boofing. Overall I have paddled it a half dozen days so far, and I already feel apart of the boat, and ready to push the limits even harder!

Check out the Shiva in action!