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Revin it up in Uganda…

The cold winter days get to you here in the UK, so winter sun is where its at. Armed with the new Rev and a pair of boardies we left the below freezing weather conditions of Europe and headed out to the equatial country of Uganda and the bath water temperature of the Nile…

5050_blunt02.jpg Blunting on 50 / 50

It was only going to be a flying visit, two weeks of big volume river running and river play, oh and of course the legendary Ugandan hospitality 😉

locals.jpg Entertianing the kids on the way home from school – Kalagala

The Rev proved to be an awesome big river / big wave machine going big at every opertunity. Setting up easily, ollies very well and lands as if on auto pilot!


For a quick photo montage follow the link

Go have your own adventure!