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Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy paddling morning noon and night, testing one of the new Rev prototypes,  on and various features around the Thames valley.  The final boat will be a little different but here are a few words on were we are at the moment!                                                                                                                                                                                              


So we have a new play boat more an evolution than revolution the Rev takes the high performance of the 4 Twenty a step further.  I was always pleasantly surprised paddling the 4Twenty at just how fun and easy it was to paddle and also how user friendly it was to learn new moves in, not forgetting exceptional comfort.  Now with the new Rev You still have a boat that is great to sit in, the knee room has been slightly adjusted and still   provides plenty of foot room. However the performance has been turned right up!  The boat is considerably narrower than the 4Twenty; the vortex rails have been sharpened and elongated, this combined with the lower rocker makes for a much faster snappier involving boat to paddle.                                                                                                                                          


On a wave the Rev’s flat rocker and quick planning hull make’s it a very quick boat that loves to race down the line, but has still kept enough of the tail rocker for hassle free back surfing & for landing big blunts, pan am’s etc.  With   the reduced width, in a hole/pile of a wave the Rev isn’t  as stable as the 4Twenty and has taken a little longer to get used to, but the benefits you gain in acceleration, speed, looseness and bigger, easer air time out way any negative     points.  The volume distribution has also been tinkered with, and as a result the Rev is stable and controllable up on   its end, cartwheels, and split wheels and huge loops are a piece of cake. All in all this boat take’s a bit more thought to paddle than the 4Twenty but be patient on a big wave or a small hole or even just down at the local swimming     pool this boat give you a big smile!