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Racing down the Lariang – Sulawesi multi-daying in a 9R

It’s an interesting feeling, launching onto a big volume, multi-day river, that you haven’t paddled before, in a boat that hasn’t been designed for the purpose. It’s a whole series of unknowns, swirling around in your mind and creating butterflies in your stomach.

Start of the Lairiang - River Flair Coach Dave Kohn-Hollins       Entry gorge of the Lairiang        Sea Kayaking Anglesey Coach Phil Clegg

Thankfully, despite having not been designed for it, the 9r turns out to be a great multi-day kayak. Having packed the boat full – with a tarp, hammock, sleeping bag, stove, food, camera and emergency kit – it still paddled and handled as well as I’ve come to expect from my favourite Pyranha boat.

Overnight camp on the Lairiang     Minor incident of the petrol bottle catching fire....

On the Lariang, we paddled some of the biggest volume rapids I have ever run, and the 9r still felt as fast, stable and precise as it had on all the other rivers we paddled in Sulawesi.

Big volume, technical white water with the river rising all the time!      River Flair Director and Coach - Dave Kohn-Hollins

I can also report that both the 9r and the Burn are as transportable by scooter taxi as they are by car…

Transport back to the proper take-out of the Lairiang Locals getting a good look.although sometimes they’re not as useful as the local version…

Phil taking the ferry for a spin.

Our descent of the Lariang was so fast that we had plenty of time to check out the local wildlife…

Water Buffalo!  Monitor Lizard  Praying Mantis!  Fungi or little aliens?

and for the locals to check us out as well.

Sunset finish on the Sadan river.

Sulawesi is a fantastic country to go and paddle in. If you get the chance then definitely take it!