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Medium Karnali

I was able to take out the Karnali for 5 days in a row and really get to know it. To give a little backround, I am 5′ 10″ and weigh 160 lbs, the medium size feels ideal for a paddler of my size. I have been primarily paddling the medium Burn.
This boat has rounder edges compared to other Pyranha river running boats, it is more forgiving on tough eddy lines and allows you to put it on edge further while feeling balanced. When you get this boat up to speed it stays in line very well. It also is quite nimble when going for technical moves at lower speeds, it turns well from a pivot point right under the seat. It feels like it has a longer waterline than the burn making for a sleeker feel. It is a few inches longer so the rocker isn’t sacrificed. I think this will be a great race boat for myself. It planes out of drops really nicely and boofs with ease. The rounder hull also allows for forgiveness on the flatter landings off drops.
Overall if you are into a rounder hull with a bit more speed this is the boat for you. I think it will be great for all paddlers from beginners to experts.

Todd Anderson Big Brother

Todd Anderson Big Bro

Little Bro

All photos copyright Erik Boomer.