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Low Water Creeking in Scotland Pt. 1

I’ve just got back from a very, very low water trip to Scotland with fellow Team Pyranha paddler Richard Brooks and a few friends. Who said there wasn’t much to do in Scotland at low flows…..?

C1 Fall

After running the Spean Groge and the Roy Gorge on the first day at very low levels we headed over to do the Altt Glean A Chaolais, which is basically a mental series of slides of up to 25 feet and an 18 foot vertical drop, see picture above. Over the 1Km run there are about 22 drops!!

Creeking in a C1 is interesting at the best of times, but in low water levels with lots of rocks and an off-side. Things got really quite interesting.

 Jamie BurbeckC1 Slide 

Richard had an interesting line down the 25 foot stepped slide running most of it on his head but luckily got away with it. Good job he wore a full face helmet!!

 Richard Brooks Slidin’Richard Brooks in his Burn L

Richard BrooksRichard Brooks Falling

I am really loving the Burn and my confidence is beginning to grow a bit more with my C1 Creeking. I never really did anything other than Freestyle but the Burn has inspired me every time I’ve gone out.

 Richard is still up there at the moment so I’m sure he’ll have some more stories on his return so check back soon for Part 2!!!