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Keep the Noli Wild & Free

In modern times of urban sprawl and increasing development, natural places are becoming more valuable than ever. As outdoor enthusiasts, we must stand up and do what we can to protect these areas before they are changed forever.

The Nolichucky River gorge and its diverse ecosystem is the epitome of what should be preserved for generations to come. Pyranha stands behind the proposed Wild and Scenic designation of the Noli, not only because we enjoy paddling the clear, free-flowing water, but we think everyone and everything should be able to enjoy the river in its natural element.

We’re not the first or last humans to seek wild places as a way to replenish ourselves through nature, and we owe future generations the ability to do the same. It only takes one person to start a movement; we’d like to acknowledge and thank Curtis England for being that person, and initiating this call to action. Additionally, thanks to John Grace for capturing the beauty and significance of the Noli, and to the hard working people behind the scenes at American Whitewater for taking this to the federal level.

Designation requires an act of the US Congress, which requires enthusiastic local and regional support. Please, join the movement to protect the Noli today!