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Into the Danger Z.One!

After a trip up to the Pyranha Factory on Wednesday to catch up with Mat and pick up some new boats we couldn’t wait to let them loose. Thankfully our prayers were answered with some big rain forecast for the Thursday night!

With the River Gods delivering we loaded up the new boats and headed to Dartmoor. Although a great day to hit some of the harder less often paddled sections, we opted to have some down river fun on the Loop section of the River Dart. The levels being so high turn the loop into a roller coaster of a ride, with plenty of waves and holes to dip your nose into.

Being a southwest classic there are always friends new and old to be found so after having to explain why one of us was paddling with a toothbrush in hand, we got a couple of laps in messing around and having fun!

So far we’re loving the with rock spins, splats and squirts aplenty!


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Photo’s taken by Dougal Gray (Trilogy)

Quick fuel stop after an early start on the way to church!


Jareth Main sitting pretty in the Large

After weeks of waiting for the rain the boys forgot where the get on was…! 😉

Getting a lot of looks on the river, whether Tom’s paddles and Jareth’s hair or the shiny z.ones I’m not really sure!

Newbridge play wave running in full glory

More on the toothbrush later…! 😉

We all think the new colourway is great!

#CleanTeethCleanLines from Tommy Hewlett! If he’s seen without his toothbrush something must be wrong!

Down river play does come with the occasional wobble moment!

Autumn in the south west makes such stunning scenery

After the weekend just gone Tom’s found his new go to boat in the!

Patrick (The man of one face) showing his excitement after paddling the!