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Grand Canyon of The Stikine

Tanzilla Slot

Cody Howard and Corey Boux paddling through the Tanzilla Slot on The Stikine.

 The One.  The Stikine.

I’ll keep my words short here, for I’ve written a TR on Huckin .  But I’ll give a little update about The Everest.  Pretty fitting that the first time I paddled the Everest was on “The Everest” of all river expeditions….The Stikine.  My teammate, Ben Hawthorne liked the L Burn better than his current boat situation, so I lent him mine, and borrowed an Everest from the friendly folks at Canoe & Kayak Magazine (thanks guys!).

Wicked Wanda

The author running the massive whitewater in the Everest, Day One.

 Without a worry in my head, I chose the Everest, knowing it would perform spectacularly in there.   As suspected, it was the boat of choice for the massive whitewater we encountered.  I was thrilled to pass through safely with good friends and great, reliable gear.

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