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Last Saturday the first invitational boatercross race at the Eiskanal took place here in Augsburg as part of the slalom worldcup program. Organized by Arnd Schaeftlein and Jakobus Stenglein, incredible paddlers like Mike Dawson from NZ, Dejan Kralj (SLO) and Fabian Doerfler (GER) took part and fought for the 1st prize: a sweet mountainbike! In the end, it was taken home by slalom local Hannes Aigner, who had a stunning final. I myself couldn’t start due to my injury, but took the job of the starter and enjoyed watching the race – just like 1000 (!) other spectators. Wolfgang from Kanu Treff equipped most of the starters with Karnali’s and Burn’s to help making the event a success, which in the end definitely was the case. Now we’re looking forward to more of these races here at the Eiskanal! Here are a couple of shots.