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Colorado Treats

Just returned home from my adventurous summer in Buena Vista, Colorado where I worked for Kodi Rafting as a raft guide. Even with the season being as busy as it was and without a car halfway through the summer I was still fortunate enough to explore a lot of local gems in the area.

The best part of the summer had to of been safety kayaking for Kodi down the Numbers which is a class IV section of white water on the Arkansas River. Most days the job was easy and I got a free meal on the river. I think it has to be ranked top for one of the best jobs I’ve ever landed.

Kodi Rafting

During the last few weeks of my stay two friends from Maryland, Eric Haley and Eliza Burk came out for a couple of days to visit and I was able to get some time off to show Eric down the Numbers before they had to leave for their next departure to Yellowstone. Here are some pictures that Eliza took of us from the roadside making our way down the river.

Bow Stall

Eric's Boof

Wave Wheelin'

The Numbers

Good times and good lines by all. I am home now in Pennsylvania still working as a part time DJ and starting school this week. Hoping to see everyone this year at the festivities. I’m sure it is going to be one sick season of paddling!

Peace out.