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Black Canyon Sessions

After summer spent working and kayaking i am getting ready to take off to Europe for a bit. Hiko Devils Extreme Race is going down in two weeks so iam going  there for a sixth year… Most time this summer I spent in Black Canyon of the Gunnison which is about hour and half from my hometown Crested Butte. This year i have finally done two runs in one day – one of the hardest things i have ever done. Handful of solo laps and plenty of runs with friends just for fun. Here is a few pictures to look at.

Close up of me running New Generation – one of the biggest rapids in the canyon

Ballcrusher rapid – one of my favorites

Jakub stomping waterfall

Nice sceneries while chilling with friends

All pictures by Will Stauffer-Norris – Thanks!

Have a great rest of the summer and stay safe out there!